Shimano Spinning Reels Reviews

Shimano Sorocco Saltwater Spinning Reels

Shimano Spinning Reels - Sorocco Series Review

The particular Shimano spinning reels series called Socorro comes with a Propulsion Line Management System. Also present is a Propulsion Spool Lip and a Power Roller II. There is also a bail tip that has been redesigned and a repairable clicker as an added bonus. Each reel comes with Varispeed Oscillation, Dyna Balance and Super Stopper II. Another feature is a waterproof drag.

Shimano Spheros FA saltwater spinning reel

Shimano Spinning Reels - Spheros FA Series Review

The Shimano Spinning reels series, Spheros FA, comes with a waterproof drag system. The Super Stopper II eliminates all back play. It comes with a spool made of cold forged aluminum. They come with A-RB ball bearings made of stainless steel. Also installed is a power roller to eliminate unwanted twists and loops while casting.

Shimano Spheros FB saltwater spinning reels

Shimano Spinning Reels - Spheros FB Series Review

The Shimano Spheros FB Saltwater Spinning Reels series comes with a Stopperless design and an aluminum frame. The side plate is made of graphite and so is the rotor in two of the models of this series. Also present is a Direct Drive Mechanism and rubber grips for the handle. It also has a clicker that is repairable.

Shimano Stella Spinning Reel Shimano Stella SW Spinning Reel Series Review

The Shimano Stella SW Saltwater Spinning Reels Series comes with Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement with a Low Wear Rate Pinion Gear and an Aero Wrap II Oscillation. The spool is made of cold forged aluminium. Propulsion Line Management System is another feature. There is a coating on the line roller called the Diamond-Like Carbon Coating. There is also a twin bearing drag and a Septon grip on the handle.

Shimano Spinning Reels Stradic Fi Shimano Stradic FI Spinning Reel Series Review

The Shimano Stradic FI Spinning Reel Series comes with Propulsion Line Management System and Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement. Also installed are the Aero Wrap II and a drag system that is waterproof. To increase the life of the reel Stradic has a drag clicker that is repairable and a maintenance port to make taking care easier. Another great choice of Shimano spinning reels.