Penn Spinning Reels Reviews

Penn spinning reels Captiva Saltwater Reel

Penn Spinning Reels - Captiva Reel Review

The Penn spinning reels Captiva Series comes with 8 ball bearings of stainless steel and an infinite anti reverse roller bearing. Also installed is a long cast spool made of aluminum and a lightweight body made of graphite. The techno balanced rotor provides this reel with smooth line retrieves even at high cranking speed.

Penn Sargus

Penn Spinning Reels - Sargus Reel Series Review

The Penn Spinning Reels Sargus Series comes with a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy body that is tough. Even the rotor and cover are made of the same material. High speed gearing is one of the powerful features packed into this reel. There is also an over sized handle knob for extra comfort while battling and retrieving fish.

Penn Silverado Spinning Reel

Penn Spinning Reels - Silverado Reel Series Review

The Penn Silverado Spinning Reel Series comes with 5 ball bearings made of stainless steel. It also comes equipped with infinite anti reverse and a long cast spool. There is also added a lightweight graphite spool. The design of the Silverado is based on that of the Captiva and it is available at a very affordable price.

Penn Slammer Saltwater Spinning Reel Penn Slammer Spinning Reel Series Review

The Penn Slammer Spinning Reel is a metal bodied reel that is tough and can deal with the meanest of fish. It has high performance features and is fully supported with a full length main shaft made of stainless steel. This reel is ideal for plug, bait or lure fishing in both saltwater and freshwater conditions.

Penn Spinning reels - Spinfisher SSG Saltwater Reel Penn Spinfisher SSG Spinning Reel Series Review

The Penn Spinfisher SSG Spinning Reel Series comes with a techno balanced rotor and a Leveline Spool Wrap System. The frame is lightweight and ergonomically contoured. The shaft is made of stainless steel and so are the 5 ball bearings and the infinite anti-reverse roller bearing. There is also a trip friction ramp to prevent premature bail trip.

Penn Spinfisher ssg Saltwater Spinning Reel Penn Spinfisher SSm Spinning Reel Series Review

The Penn Spinfisher SSm Reel Series features the Techno Balanced Rotor and the famous Leveline Spool Wrap. The whole body is constructed out of metal. It is installed. With HT100 drags, a gold-anodised, corrosion resistant machined handle. It comes with 5 stainless steel ball bearings and main shaft. Also present is an infinite anti reverse roller bearing and a sealed drag knob.

Penn Vintage Saltwater Spinning Reels Vintage Penn Spinning Reel Reviews

The Penn spinning reels Spinfisher Z series is soon becoming a collector’s item ever since it got discontinued in 2005. Since then these vintage reels are growing in demand and in their price. Each of these reels comes with a collapsible handle, dependable drag system and a selective click anti reverse. All housings are made of die cast aluminum.