Fin Nor Spinning Reel Reviews

Fin Nor Spinning Reel Ahab Series

Fin Nor Spinning Reel Ahab Series Review

The Fin Nor spinning reel Ahab series have incorporated in them the best drag in spinning reels available in the market - the MegaDrag. It is a drag that is twice the size of drag washers in any other spinning reels resulting in a pressure curve that is perfectly smooth right from the tension initially till the very end when the big fish is reeled in.

Fin Nor Megalite

Fin Nor Spinning Reel Megalite Series Review

The Fin Nor Spinning reel Megalite Series comes with a body and side plate made of machined aluminum. There is a 6 bearing system on each reel. The drag system is made of ceramic. And the spool is made of forged aluminum. The handle is made of machined aluminum as well while the coating is an electrostatic multi layer one.

Fin Nor Offshore Saltwater Spinning Reel

Fin Nor Spinning Reel Offshore Series Review

The Fin Nor spinning reel Offshore Spinning Reels Series comes with a dual drag system that is massive and offers 60 pounds lock down pressure. It also dissipates heat during long battles. The body, rotor and side plate are made of strong aluminum. The ball bearings in each reel are made of double shielded stainless steel. The drive gear, center shaft and pinion gear are made of machines stainless steel.