What Is The Difference Between Saltwater and Freshwater Spinning Reels?

Product Name Those fishermen that do not have experience in saltwater fishing usually wonder why in the world they have to pay so much more for saltwater fishing reels when compared to the general use reel. Of course this is a valid question that makes perfect sense especially because the two reels do not look much different. Some might argue saying they are identical even. But the outer appearance of the saltwater fishing reel does not in any way address all the special engineering which is put into manufacturing each of these saltwater fishing reels.

When an angler makes the decision to go venture out into the saltwater lakes around him in search of a good day of fishing there is a high requirement of some specialised tackle. Firstly and most foremost among his specialised tackle comes the saltwater fishing reel. A general reel may have almost the same landing power as does the saltwater reel but the general reel has many internal vulnerabilities.

Very often the internal gearing of the saltwater fishing reels should most definitely made of special alloys that are corrosion resistant. These special alloys are much more expensive to manufacture when compared to other parts that are made of materials that are corrosion resistant. This big difference translates into the general use reel serving you well only for a certain period of time and only very adequately but the performance suffers a lot as the parts that are not corrosion resistant start to deteriorate. The effect of this deterioration is not typically a catastrophic or noticeable failure in the early phases. Typically, the general reel starts to feel less smooth while casting and while retrieving. When the corrosion increases to a point of catastrophic failure the angler will find that the reel is unable to perform at all and this more often than not happens specially while on an important outing fishing with your friends after having bragged all week about how great your fishing techniques are.

Saltwater fishing reels in mighty contrast are especially designed not to embarrass you. They are designed to withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater (high saline content can have very damaging effects) and to continue functioning for years to come optimally. It is an investment like any other fishing tackle. Tackles and battles are best suited for the intended use of saltwater fishing reels. For general freshwater fishing almost any fishing reel serves the purpose for years to come if used properly used and maintained even better. But for saltwater fishing only saltwater fishing reels and saltwater fishing reels alone are designed to provide the same sort of reliability.

Fishing tackle is an area of all those areas where a sportsman or fisherman in this case can truly save on expenditures, physical and financial, in the long run just by spending a tad more money than the budget allows right at the start of this fantastic venture as it will most definitely outlast the cheaper or slightly less expensive reels that are there today.

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