Maintenance Tips For Your Saltwater Spinning Reel

Product Name Fishing reel maintenance is a tough job but someone has to do it. And more often than not that someone is you since you are the one that goes fishing. As strenuous as it can be don’t let it kill your passion for fishing. And definitely do not let your fishing reels rust in your garage behind your lawn mower either. Proper maintenance of fishing reels ensures you have a whole season of problem free fishing or at least minimal problems as possible. This is why it of essence that you maintain your fishing reels well.

A reel needs to be all ready to use smoothly. In the beginning of the season as well as when the day ends you have to remove the spool and other moving parts of your fishing rod. Wash all the moving parts of your fishing rod in clean water with a dish washing liquid that is mild. After they have dried take some light oil and apply just a few drops to all the moving parts. Be very extremely careful that you use only tiny amounts of oil on the parts. If it is lubricated too much then it will definitely hamper the performance of your spinning reel. Also make sure you use only light grade and good quality of oil or grease that are especially designed only for your fishing reels.

While using reels after fishing in saltwater you need to pay special attention to their maintenance. After every saltwater fishing trip you need to soak the reel you use in fresh water. If salt water dries out on a reel then it leaves behind crystalline which is a microscopic coating. Is this residue of saltwater is left to remain then it damages the components of reels just like dirt or sand does damage.

Now cleaning your equipment does not end their maintenance. They need to be looked after even when no one is literally ‘looking after’ them. By this we mean storage. A lot of damage can be done while your equipment is in storage which is where they will be when you are not fishing especially during off season. Make sure you store your reels properly. First and foremost always make sure the drag is set free spool or no tension if not as low as possible for it to go. This helps to prevent flag spots to a great extent on the drag material. Also, set the clicker at ‘On’. This will prevent your spinning reel from turning and hence the fishing line unwinding. Yes, this can happen if you do not take care even while in storage.

Your saltwater fishing reel can have a longer life if you take proper care of it. And cleaning is crucial especially in these types of reels. Be very careful not to forget to hose down the equipment after every fishing trip. This will help you keep your expensive fishing equipment intact and increase its life.

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