How To Spool A Spinning Reel

Product Name Spinning reels became popular after Mitchell brought the Mitchell 300 to the market. The reel mounted at the base of your fishing rod is the spinning reel. The line is held by the finger against the rod when the ball is opened. So as to use your spinning reel properly you should know how exactly to spool the spinning reel. Following is a guide to reloading the fishing line on the spinning reel:

1.    First you have to unwind the previously used fishing line off the reel. Dispose the old fishing line in a recycling way that is covered by the fishing regulations or your local by laws. Or the used line can be saved and given for proper recycling to any fishing supply store.

2.    Open the bale that releases the fishing line from your reel.

3.    Take the loose end from your new fishing line and feed it onto your spinning reel. Feed it into the eyelets of your fishing rod. Free about 6-8 feet extra of fishing line. Now open the bale, tie the loose end of your new line onto your fixed spool. Use a slip knot to do this. Tighten the slip knot till there is, still exposed, an inch length of line of the knot from its free end.

4.    Spool manually around 10-15 rotations of new fishing line onto the spool. Use a little tension to make sure it is secure.

5.    Hold your new fishing line underfoot and now use some other method which will apply pressure that is just adequate enough to create some friction on the fishing line. Now, close the bale (this can be achieved by simply reeling the handle). Crank the handle and start reeling your new fishing line onto your fixed spool of the fishing reel.

6.    Now all you have to do is reel onto your spool your new fishing line till the spooled fishing line meets the ‘full’ line that is marked inside the spool of the spinning reel. If you add too much line it makes the line twist, become loose or knot up. This makes it unable to reload properly onto the spool of the reel.

7.    Now when the spool has reached the full line stop reeling. Let at least 6 to 8 feet of the new fishing line be free from the top of your fishing rod. This lets you tie a lure or swivel on your fishing line.

8.    A new swivel has to be attached to the free end of your fishing line. The swivel is to be attached to the bale arm and the reel should be tightened till the line becomes taut, if you are doing the re-spooling at camp or at home. If you are a professional you can ignore attaching the swivel and the bale arm.

9.    If the reel is a two piece rod or more then take the fishing rod apart and hold these two pieces together. Use a rubber band to tie it around the pieces so as to keep it together.

10.     Go fishing!

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