How To Cast A Spinning Reel

How To Cast A Spinning Reel For those of you who do not know how to work with your brand new shiny and sleek looking saltwater spinning reel we have here a step by step procedure on how exactly to do so and like a pro. So don’t fret because here it is:

Step 1 – The best manner to hold your spinning reel to cast is by sliding your fishing rod hand around the seat of the spinning reel. Keep two fingers in front of the stem of the reel and your two fingers behind the stem. This gives you a good grip for casting and lets your forefinger be free to be able to trap the fishing line when you make the casting swing.

Step 2 – Let a suitable amount of fishing line hand from the tip of the rod, between 15-45 cm. The first finger of your reel hand should be extended downwards to the spool so as to pick up the fishing line in front of the bail arm and then pull back the line against the grip of the fishing rod exactly where it is trapped by the finger. The bail arm is then opened with the other hand and the spinning reel is ready for casting now. Get the sequence right because if you happen to open the bail arm before trapping the line then it will spill from your spool and it will be a big mess.

Step 3 – Once the line is trapped and the bail arm is open you need to swing back the rod past your shoulder. Immediately swing it forward in a smooth and swift arc. The forward casting stroke typically starts slow and accelerates. It then is finished by drifting it forward so that the rod is pointing horizontally straight ahead of u.

Step 4 – At the right moment while the rod is still in motion (forwards) the finger that holds the line is to be straightened and then the casting weight is to be thrown forward while towing the fishing line behind it. Get this release timing right because an early release results in the bait flying up in the air and landing somewhere no one knows. And if you release it too late you will definitely know where it lands because it is going to be on the ground or in the water right at your feet.
5.    Step 5 – To get the release timing right swing the fishing rod forward and while your casting arms start to extend you should point the fishing line at the casting target while holding your finger straight. Most of the time the line will be released at the right moment and will be cast where you are aiming it to go.
This technique works for light and short single handed fishing rods like those you may use to catch trout, bream, bass and others. It will also work with heavy and big two handed fishing rods that are suited for rock or beach fishing. In case of the single handed fishing rod the free hand and free arm does have much to do but when you cast with a two handed fishing rod the other hand is vital for anchoring the butt of the rod and acting as a fulcrum for the cast.

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